Monday, January 22, 2024

Latest Enrolled and Registered Data Files posted online

AUGUSTA — The latest Enrolled and Registered Data Files have been posted on the state Elections Division’s website.

The Statewide Registered and Enrolled Data File is a statistical report recording how many citizens are registered to vote, detailed to the county, municipality, voting districts and party level.

As of Jan. 18, 2024, Maine has 948,734 active registered voters. The most recent estimate of Maine’s voting age population from the Census Bureau is 1,137,442. This means that about 83% of Mainers who are potentially eligible to register to vote have done so. The statewide party totals of active voters by party enrollment, and percentage of party enrollment across the state are:


Number of enrolled, active voters

Percent of total active, registered




Green Independent






No Labels












Past years’ Enrolled and Registered Data Files are also available on the Election Division’s website.

Maine election law distinguishes between “active” and “inactive” registered voters. If a voter fails to respond to a change of address confirmation notice, the voter is considered inactive. A voter who has been designated as inactive and fails to vote for the next two general elections must be cancelled in the central voter registration system.

Maine conducts routine voter list maintenance under the National Voter Registration Act. In 2022, the Department of the Secretary of State mailed 248,227 postcards to registered voters who had not cast ballots in either the 2018 of 2020 federal elections to verify their residence and eligibility to vote in Maine. Many of those voters were made inactive at that time. Other routine voter list maintenance includes receipt of death information from vital records and notices of change of address from USPS.

Information about registering to vote in Maine:

To register to vote in Maine, a person must: be a U.S. Citizen; be at least 16 years old (16- and 17-year-olds may pre-register, but to receive a ballot a voter must be at least 18-years-old, or be 17-years-old at a Primary Election date where the voter will be 18-year-old by the General Election); and have a residence established in Maine.

Voters can register in person up to and including on Election Day, but if they plan to mail in their registration before the March 5 Presidential Primary Election, it needs to be received by the voter’s municipal clerk by close of business on Feb. 13, 2024.

Voters are required to provide proof of residency and identity when they register to vote, and voters must register before they receive a ballot. Once registered, voters are not required to show ID again to vote

Maine is one of the few states where no one loses their right to vote due to a current or former incarceration status.

More information about registering to vote in Maine can be found on the Secretary of State’s website.