Attention Providers: Changes are Happening on the MaineCare Website

The Office of MaineCare Services is making changes to our website. You may notice some of our pages have moved. Our goal is to keep relevant information in easily accessible places on our website. To support this goal, you will see that we have expanded the Provider Resources section to include pages that previously were found in the About Us, Projects & Initiatives section. You may also notice that we’ve updated content on some of the pages, such as on the Children’s Services webpage and created new pages such as Pharmacy Services.  

Pages previously under “Projects & Initiatives” are now under “Provider Resources” and include:  

These pages will be moved to an archive section on the website:  

All old links will automatically redirect to their new location for the next 90 days. You may find that some previously shared links to information no longer work after the 90-day redirect window. If you have questions about where to find information on the website, please don’t hesitate to contact your Provider Relations Specialist.  

Check out our new MaineCare logo! Learn more about this logo on the About Us page of our website.

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