​Attention MaineCare Members: Update on Accessing Your Prescriptions

We are following up on the technical issues from the past number of weeks that may have affected your access to prescriptions. We have taken a big step to return to normal operations following a cyber security issue that impacted health care systems and Medicaid members in many states. While you may continue to experience some issues, you should now be able to get your prescriptions in largely the same way you did prior to this disruption. 

MaineCare has been working with members, pharmacies, and providers in response to this issue, which caused our pharmacy claims vendor, Change Healthcare, to shut down its systems on February 21, 2024.  

You should not have been charged for any prescription that is covered by MaineCare. If you paid out of pocket for a prescription, please bring your receipt and MaineCare card back to the pharmacy to start the refund process. If your pharmacy is refusing to fill your prescription, or asking you to pay out-of-pocket, please call our Pharmacy Help Desk at  1-866-796-2463. You may experience delays due to call volume. 

MaineCare will send more information soon about some issues you may experience as we restore the system, such as requirements for prior authorizations or coverage for certain prescriptions. Please see our Member Handbook for more information about MaineCare benefits and resources.  

We thank you for your patience as we work with pharmacies to make sure you receive your medications. We recognize the challenges for you and for pharmacies and are working hard to help.