Attention MaineCare Members: Update on Access to Prescriptions 

 As a result of a contractor’s cyber security issue affecting many states, MaineCare is continuing to experience technical issues that may make it difficult for you to access your prescriptions. We recognize the confusion and challenges this may be causing for you and your pharmacies and are working hard to help. 

Today, MaineCare has told pharmacies that they can now provide a 30-day supply of any prescriptions you are trying to fill, to help you get through this time. Please reach out to your pharmacist to ask them about options for receiving your covered prescription. 

The pharmacy should not charge you for any prescription that is covered by MaineCare. If your pharmacy is refusing to fill your prescription, or asking you to pay out-of-pocket, please call our Pharmacy Help Desk at 1-866-796-2463. You may experience delays due to call volume. 

MaineCare is not aware that any personal data of MaineCare members was improperly shared as part of this issue. We take the security of your personal information seriously. 

We are working to determine a timeline for resolving these issues. We will keep in communication and will return to normal as soon as possible.