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Municipal Agent Information

Welcome to the Municipal & Agent Services Department! Consider us your go-to source for answering any questions you may have with the not-so-typical registration scenarios. We're here to provide the necessary training for municipalities to provide motor vehicle registrations and related credentials to their residents. Throughout the year we conduct refresher training programs, annual Fall workshops, and even will make on-site visits. Hope to see you soon!

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Maine law authorizing the appointment of municipal agents to issue, renew and transfer registrations:

Maine law authorizing the appointment of agents for the issuance of noncommercial driver's license renewals, duplicates of noncommercial driver's license renewals and nondriver identification card renewals:

Registration Agent Information

This department provides registration agents with the training and monitoring of registration agents in the registration of motor vehicles. Our work includes training registration agents to act as agents of the Secretary of State. We provide ongoing training and offer phone support to all registration agents with any issues related to motor vehicle transactions.

Maine Law authorizing the appointment of registration agents:

Rules regarding the requirements for non-governmental registration agents: (Chapter 110)

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