About the Bureau of Motor Vehicles

The Bureau provides licensing, registration and title services through 13 branch office locations as well as municipal agents. Additionally, the Bureau stores and manages data relating to over 1.4 million motor vehicles and 750,000 trailers registered in the State; over 1 million licensed motor vehicle operators, including their driving histories; and much more.

The Deputy Secretary of State leads the Bureau and directs the daily operations, provides guidance and direction to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles through seven operating divisions and one office: Driver License Services; Vehicle Services; Public Services; Administrative Services; Title Serivces; Legal Affairs, Adjudications and Hearings; and the Division of Enforcement, Anti-Theft, and Regulation.

The Deputy's office is also responsible for department policy and budget preparation and serves as a liaison to the Secretary of State and State Legislature.

Division of Enforcement, Anti-theft and Regulations: This division provides for the law enforcement functions relating to regulation and enforcement of laws concerning various types of vehicle dealers; fraud; odometer fraud; auto theft investigations; registration evasion; insurance fraud; driver license and state identification card fraud; and consumer complaints. The division is also responsible for dealer licensing.

Driver License Services: This division manages the testing and issuance of permits and licenses as well as maintaining driving records for all convictions, accidents, suspensions and revocations. All medical evaluations for medical or visual issues are maintained by this division. The division manages the licensing and monitoring of driver education schools, instructors and facilitates the motorcycle driver education program.

Vehicle Services: This division manages all passenger and commercial vehicle services, including registration, permits and fuel taxes. This division is also responsible for municipal & agent services.

Public Services: This division provides services that support the customer the customer-focused philosophy and demonstrates a commitment to customer service by providing products and services through personal contact or through online services.

Administrative Services: This division manages the administrative support functions for the department which include accounting, audit, budget/payroll, personnel management, plate manufacturing, revenue collection, data entry, central stores and supply, mail handling and facilities management.

Title Services: This program establishes and maintains proof of ownership for most motor vehicles and trailers in order to protect ownership interests and to deter theft and fraud.  The program also records and releases liens and manages any brands that may be placed on a vehicle title (such as rebuilt, repaired or salvage.)

Legal Affairs, Adjudications and Hearings: This division provides legal advice, guidance and counsel to the Bureau relating to the administration of the motor vehicle laws. The division is also responsible for conducting administrative hearings and the hearings held by the Motor Vehicle Franchise Board.

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Catherine Curtis, Deputy Secretary of State