Commercial Vehicles/Motor Carrier Services

Motor Carrier Services is the motor carrier one-stop location for the State of Maine. This office is responsible for the International Registration Plan (IRP); Fuel Tax Licensing and Reporting, including the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA); For-Hire Insurance; and Unified Carrier Registration (UCR); and the issuance of Overlimit Permits. This office is also responsible for certain Motor Carrier Safety Programs.

This office maintains bilateral registration reciprocal agreements with other states and provinces, and advises truckers on Maine truck size and weight requirements. For more information about our programs, please select a topic below:


53 Foot Trailer Permits

Canadian Weight Limit Permits

Commercial Vehicle Safety Inspection

International Registration Plan (IRP);
IRP Changes for Full Reciprocity

Fuel Tax Licensing and Reporting (IFTA)

For-Hire Insurance

Overlimit Permits

Petroleum, Waste Oil and Solid Waste Carriers

USDOT Number

Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)


Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Registration and Operation of Farm Vehicles

Commercial Vehicle Laws and Regulations in the State of Maine

Electronic Logging Device Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax;
IRS Trucking Tax Center

Freight Transportation, MDOT

IFTA and IRP Record Keeping

Motor Carrier Manual

Running a Bus Service in the State of Maine

Running a Taxi or Limousine Service in the State of Maine



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