Medical Advisory Board

In 1962, combined efforts of the Secretary of State and the Maine Medical Association resulted in the appointment of a neurologist, heart specialist, psychiatrist, internal medicine and eye specialist to the Board. Over the years, the Medical Advisory Board (MAB) has evolved, to their current role. The duties of the board include advising the Secretary of State (SOS) on written medical and vision standards related to operator licensing, coordinating efforts to educate health care providers and the public in the medical aspects of motor vehicle operator licensing. They may be asked to review specific cases and provide opinions to the Secretary of State. They are required to meet at least once every two years. Standards recommended by the board may only be adopted as rules. Statutory requirements for the Medical Advisory Board are described in the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 29-A: Motor Vehicles and Traffic, Chapter 11, section 1258, and may be accessed at,

The board consists of 8 regular members, physicians trained in the specialties of cardiology, gerontology, internal medicine, neurology or neurological surgery, ophthalmology, psychiatry, family practice and rehabilitative medicine. Additional members may also be appointed from other relevant medical fields. The board Chair is a physician appointed by the Secretary of State.

Reports received or made by the board, a member or the Secretary of State for the purpose of assisting the SOS in determining whether a person is qualified to be licensed is confidential and only for the use of the board, the SOS, medical personnel treating the person, and the person subject to review.

The rules governing Physical, Emotional and Mental Competence to Operate a Motor Vehicle may be accessed via the following link:
Medical Review Process:

Archival Recording of Public Hearing on Current Rules
Medical Rules Hearing Recording (.mp4 ) (October 13, 2022)

Medical Advisory Board Clerk: Rebecca McCabe
Telephone: 207-624-9000, ext. 52124
Mailing address: 29 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333-0029

Medical Advisory Board Meeting Minutes
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Medical Advisory Board Member List
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