Forms & Applications

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Please note: These forms cannot be submitted online. These are to complete and print to send in to the address on the form.

Driver License Forms - Driver/Rider Education Forms - Dealer Forms - Language Access Forms - Motor Carrier Services Forms - Registration Forms - Title Forms - Enforcement, Anti-Theft and Regulations


Confidentiality Rules And Statement For In-Person Interpreter Services Interpreters Signature of Agreement
Record of Interpreter Services


Birth Affidavit Cancellation Request Form
Information About Cancelling Your Driver's License
CDL and/or School Bus License Application CDL Medical Self-Certification Form

CDL Certification for Military Even Exchange Program

Deafness or Hard-of-Hearing Certification

Driving Agreement for New Drivers and Their Parents/Guardians Duplicate Driver's License, Identification Card, or Learner's Permit Application

Early Reinstatement with Ignition Interlock Device Petition

Gender Designation Form

Identification Card Application

Learner's Permit Application

Motorcycle License Application

Permittee's Driving Log

Release of Information Form

Residency Affidavit

Restricted Driver's License (15 year olds) Petition

Restricted License Petition (Admin. OUI suspensions/Habitual Offenders)

Seatbelt Exemption Placard Application (PS-15)

Translation Certificate

Driver License Forms for Law Enforcement

Adverse Driving Report (MVL-10)

BMV Hearing Appearances Reimbursement Form

Implied Consent Report (Green Form - DI-140)

Operating with an Excessive Intoxicant Level Report (Blue Form - DI-27)

Driver License Forms for Medical/Vision

Brain Injury Form Cancellation Request Form
Information About Cancelling Your Driver's License
Eye Form (MVE-103) Medical Evaluation Form (CR-24)
CR-24 Addendum - Narcolepsy/Cataplexy


IFTA Instructions

IFTA Application

Special Fuel Users Instructions

Special Fuel Users Maine Only Application

IFTA/IRP On Line Carrier Account Application IFTA/IRP On Line Licensing Agent Application

IFTA Fuel Tax Form, 2nd quarter 2024
IFTA Fuel Tax Form
, 1st quarter 2024
IFTA Fuel Tax Form
, 4th quarter 2023
IFTA Fuel Tax Form
, 3rd quarter 2023

IFTA Fuel Tax Form, 2nd quarter 2023
IFTA Fuel Tax Form
, 1st quarter 2023
IFTA Fuel Tax Form
, 4th quarter 2022
IFTA Fuel Tax Form, 3rd quarter 2022

72 Consecutive Hour Trip Permit Application

Individual Vehicle Mileage and Fuel Report

IRP Certification

IRP Application for Changes - Schedule C

IRP Uniform Distance Schedule - Schedule B

IRP Duplicate Credentials

UCR State Contact List

Canadian Weight Limits Permit Application

UCR Application Instructions 2023

Motor Carrier Identification Report (Form MCS-150) with Instructions - Interactive

UCR Application Instructions 2022 Overlimit Permit Application
UCR 1 Form
Instructions UCR 1 Form
2023 UCR Application
UCR 2 Form
Instructions UCR 2 Form
2024 UCR Application


Active Duty Stationed In Maine Excise Tax Exemption (MV-7)

Antique Auto, Antique Motorcycle, Horseless Carriage, Custom Vehicle, and Street Rod Affidavit (MV-65)

Authorization for Registration (MV-39)

Disability Plates/Placard Application (PS-18)

Duplicate Registration (MV-11)

Emergency Medical Services Plate Application (MVR-17)

Excise Tax Reimbursement Firefighter Plate Application (PS-43)

Homemade Farm Tractor Affidavit(PS-25)

HVUT Proof of Payment (MV-2)

Notice of Lost Plates and Request for New Plates (MV-9)

Plate Activation Request (MVR-60A)

Plate Cancellation Request (MVR-60)

Plates Never Used or Never Received Statement (MV-34)

Reissuance of Suspended Registration Affidavit (MV-83)

Request for Name Addition/Deletion from Registration (MV-138)

Seatbelt Exemption Placard Application (PS-15)

Vanity Plate Application (MV-45)

Vanity Plate Application Instructions

New Plate Reservation Form


General Complaint Form PDF
General Complaint Form Online

Private Sale Complaint Form


Driver Education School License Application Word

Motorcycle School Application PDF / Word

Driver Education Instructor License Application Word Motorcycle Instructor Application PDF / Word
Driver Education New Course Report PDF / Excel Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Education New Course Report PDF / Word

Driver Education Course Completion Report PDF / Excel

Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Education Course Completion Report PDF / Excel

BRC New Course Report PDF / Word

Driver Education Student Record Sheet PDF / Word

BRC Course Completion Report PDF / Excel
BRC Incomplete Student Report PDF / Word

Proof of Teaching PDF / Word

Lost Driver Education Completion Certificate
PDF / Word
Driver Education & Motorcycle Rider Education Program Complaint Form PDF / Word


New and Used Vehicles

10K Laden Permit Application (MVD-360) PDF / PDF - Fillable
10K Laden Permit Instructions (MVD-361) PDF

30 Day Dealer Temporary Plate Application (MVD-408)
PDF / PDF-Fillable

Additional Dealer, Transporter or Loaner Plate Application
(MVD-355) PDF / PDF-Fillable
Application for Extension of Loaner Plate (MVD-403)
PDF / PDF- Fillable

Applicant Questionnaire for Licensing of Dealers (MVD-362)
PDF / PDF-Fillable / Word

Building Code , Zoning and Land Use Regulatory Ordinance
Clearance (MVD-363) PDF / PDF - Fillable

Complete Dealer Package PDF

Dealer Family Plate Application (MVD-356) PDF / PDF-Fillable

Dealer License Application (MVD-350) PDF / PDF-Fillable

Dealer Rules and Regulations - Chapter 103 Word
Used Car Information Act Rules - Chapter 104 Word

Duplicate Dealer License Request (MVD-404)
PDF / PDF-Fillable

Duplicate Dealer Registration Request (MVD-405) PDF / PDF-Fillable Light Trailer Affidavit MVD-369 PDF / PDF-Fillable

Extension/Replacement of Temporary Plate Application
(MVD-358) PDF / PDF-Fillable

Manufacturer License Application (MVD-352) PDF / PDF-Fillable

Light-Heavy Wrecker Application (MVD- 406) PDF / PDF-Fillable

Notice of Lost Dealer Plate and Request For Replacement Plate (MVD-374) PDF / PDF-Fillable

Nonprofit Status Application (MVD-407) PDF / PDF-Fillable

Pre-validated Permit to Demonstrate Application (MVD-373)
PDF / PDF-Fillable
Permit to Demonstrate Application (MVD-376) PDF / PDF-Fillable

Notice of Lost Dealer Stickers and Request for New Stickers
(MVD-375) PDF / PDF-Fillable

Sample Lease (MVD-386) PDF
Blank Sample Lease (MVD-386B) PDF / PDF-Fillable

Plot Plan(MVD-364) PDF / PDF-Fillable

Surety Bond (MVD-390) PDF / PDF-Fillable

Sample Partnership Agreement (MVD-387) PDF

Temporary Plate Log (MVI-0110A) PDF / PDF - Fillable

Temporary Auction Permit (MVD-391) PDF / PDF-Fillable Trailer Transit Rules - Chapter 158 Word

Trailer Transit License Application (MVD-354) PDF / PDF-Fillable


Recyclers and Scrap Processors

Complete Recycler Package PDF

Mobile Crusher Temporary Permit Request (MVD-371)
PDF / PDF-Fillable

Recycler License Zoning Renewal (MVD-379)
/ PDF-Fillable

Vehicle Salvage Dealer and Recycler License Building code Zoning Form (MVD-394) PDF / PDF-Fillable

Sales Promotion Permit

Complete Dealer Sales Promotion Permit Application
PDF / PDF-Fillable

Sample Sales Promotion Lease (MVD-388) PDF

Sample Sales Promotion Zoning (MVD-396) PDF / PDF-Fillable


Abandon Vehicle Release Statement (MVT-24)
Notice of an Abandon Vehicle by an Independent Entity (MVT-26)

Antique Auto, Horseless Carriage or Classic Vehicle Affidavit (MVT-34)

The Application for Title form is not available online. You will need to visit your town office or branch office to obtain one.

Assignment of Lien (MVT-48)

Assignment of New Vehicle Identification Number Application (MVT-6)

Consent of Lien Holder (MVT-27)

Duplicate Title Application (MVT-8)

Fee Schedule - Title Application and Information (MVT-29)

Form Request Sheet (MVT-44)

Instructions - Title Application (MVT 30)

Application for Certificate of Title for Manufactured or Tiny Home
(MVT-2 MH)

Notice of an Abandoned Vehicle (MVT-28)
Notice of an Abandoned Vehicle Instructions (MVT-28A)

Odometer Information (MVT-32)

Rebuilt or Repaired Salvage Vehicle Affidavit (MVT-103)

Release of Lien (MVT-12)
Release of Lien (MVT-53)

Repossession Affidavit (MVT-5)

Scrapped Vehicle by Recycler Notification (MVT - 54)

Surviving Spouse or Personal Representative Affidavit (MVT-22)
VIDEO: MVT-22 How to Complete

Title Surety Bond (MVT-18)

Vehicle Identification Number Inspection Form (MVT-10)

Withdrawal of Title Application Request (MVT-3)

Title Application Summary Log (MVT-56.pdf)
Title Application Summary Log (MVT-56.xls)