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Image Donate Life logoListed and described below are sections of State and Federal law that pertain to organ and tissue donation. This listing is meant to provide a general guide to relevant laws but is not meant to be comprehensive - there may be other legal references to organ donation.

Federal Laws:

Title 42 U.S. Code, Chapter 6-A, Subchapter II, Part H and Part H-1 (HTML only)
This subchapter includes sections of federal law that govern organ donation.

Maine Laws::

Title 29-A Section 1301 subsection8
This section of Maine law describes how information about organ and tissue donation is to be communicated to driver's license applicants.

Title 29-A Section 1354 subsection(B)
This section of Maine law requires the distribution of information about organ and tissue donation in driver education programs.

Title 29-A Section 1402-A
This section of Maine law establishes the Maine Organ Donor Registry, and contains other provisions relevant to organ and tissue donation.

Title 22, Chapter Section 710-B
This chapter of Maine law, the Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act, governs of organ and tissue donation, specifically addressing a variety of relevant issues.

Title 22 Section 3025 subsection 3
This section of Maine law restricts organ donation in circumstances where the donor's death occurs under circumstances indicating a medical examiner case.

Title 18-A Section 5-804
This section of Maine law establishes an optional form that may be used to create an advance health-care directive, and which includes an opportunity for
an individual to express his or her wishes regarding donation of organs.


New England Organ Bank
Regional federally-designated, non-profit Organ Procurement Organization

United Network for Organ Sharing
National transplant waitlist administrator

US Transplant Games
A national athletic competition for recipients of organ transplants, as well as the largest gathering of transplant recipients and donor families in the world

National Donor Memorial
Online virtual memorial for donor families and recipients

Transplant Living
Understanding the transplant process

Donate Life America
Resource for public education regarding donation

Transplantation education website

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