Reportable Events

The Office of Child and Family Services utilizes an electronic system of collection of Reportable Events from all OCFS children's providers.  The electronic system identified is web-based through the Enterprise Information System (EIS), which is familiar for many providers. This system is also used by the Office of Aging and Disability Services, allowing continuity of information across offices.

Categories that are required to be reported are as follows:

  • Dangerous Situations
  • Death
  • Medication Related Event
  • Neglect
  • Physical/Verbal Abuse
  • Restraint
  • Rights Limitation/Restriction
  • Serious Injury to Consumer
  • Sexual Abuse/Exploitation
  • Suicidal Acts/Attempts/Threats

Mandated Reporting

Maine law (22 M.R.S.A. §4011-A) states that certain people must report to DHHS Child Protective Intake (1–800-452-1999 / Deaf or Hard of Hearing call Maine Relay 711) if they know or have reasonable cause to suspect that a child has been or is likely to be abused or neglected. The training links below are to on-line, self-paced training covering all aspects of mandated reporting in Maine for children and adults.

Clarity on Reportable Events for Clients 18 and older

Clients 18 and older that are receiving a CBH service: Reportable Events will continue to be submitted to OCFS via EIS EXCEPT for clients that are eligible for services through the Office of Aging and Disability Services.  Reportable Events for this specific population will be reported to OADS directly and routed to OCFS, as appropriate.  OCFS will route Reportable Events to OBH, as appropriate.



OCFS’ Reportable Event Form is available (Word).

Contact Information

  • For information regarding in-state Reportable Events, please contact Lana Pelletier at (207) 624-5391 or Amanda Hodgkins at (207) 664-1443
  • For information regarding out-of-state Reportable Events, please contact Cassie Antonelli at (207) 557-1753

For information regarding EIS contact: