CBHS Contacts

To contact us use the links provided below

OCFS Medical Director

Dr. Adrienne Carmack
Telephone: (207) 592-0100
e-mail: adrienne.w.carmack@maine.gov

Associate Director of Children's Developmental and Behavioral Health Services

Dean Bugaj
Telephone (207) 624-7921
e-mail: Dean.Bugaj@maine.gov

Business Analyst


Office Specialist

Brielle Balmer
Telephone (207) 626-8689 
e-mail: brielle.balmer@maine.gov

Children’s Behavioral Health Manager

Teresa Barrows
Telephone (207) 561-4265  Fax: 941-8871
e-mail: teresa.barrows@maine.gov

Behavioral Health Program Coordinators (PC)

Non DOC York County

Michelle Descoteaux  
Phone: (207)286-2499  Fax:  286-2527
e-mail: michelle.descoteaux@maine.gov

Non DOC Cumberland & Sagadahoc Counties

Alyssa Morin
Phone: (207)615-3695  Fax:  822-2357
e-mail: alyssa.morin@maine.gov

DOC involved youth in York, Cumberland & Sagadahoc Counties

Luc Nya  
Phone: (207) 615-1115  Fax: 822-0097
e-mail: luc.nya@maine.gov

Non DOC Androscoggin & Franklin Counties 

Sandie Worthington     
Telephone: (207) 795-4521  Fax: 795-4651
e-mail: sandie.worthington@maine.gov

Non DOC & DOC involved youth Oxford & DOC involved youth in Androscoggin, Franklin, Oxford, and Kennebec Counties 

Rick Meagher     
Phone: (207) 215-7091  Fax: 743-5219
e-mail: richard.meagher@maine.gov

DOC involved youth in Somerset & DOC & Non DOC involved youth in Waldo, Knox, & Lincoln Counties

Jeffrey Leonard      
Telephone: (207) 596-4298  Fax: 596-4261
e-mail: Jeffrey.r.leonard@maine.gov

Non DOC Somerset and Kennebec Counties

Katherine Perkins
Telephone: (207) 624-5568  Fax: 624-5553
e-mail: katherine.perkins@maine.gov

Non DOC & DOC involved youth in Penobscot & Piscataquis Counties

Amy Sibley
Telephone: (207) 446-4676  Fax: 941-3132
e-mail: amy.sibley@maine.gov

Non DOC & DOC involved youth in Hancock & Washington County 

Nick Kojetin
Telephone: (207) 460-7067  Fax: 667-8692
e-mail: nick.kojetin@maine.gov

Non DOC & DOC involved youth Millinocket North &  Aroostook County

Rebecca Blakely
Telephone: (207) 441-8670  Fax: 532-5116
e-mail: Rebecca.blakely@maine.gov

Children’s Behavioral Health Manager

Amy Beaulieu
Telephone (207) 441-8583 • Fax: 287-6156
e-mail: amy.beaulieu@maine.gov

Office Associate

Richard Flores
Telephone (207) 624-7960
e-mail: Richard.Flores@maine.gov

Children’s Behavioral Health Manager

Anita Hood
Telephone (207) 561-4263  • Fax: 561-4299
e-mail: anita.hood@maine.gov

Evidence Based Practice Specialist

Selina McGlauflin   
Telephone: (207)592-0853
e-mail: selina.mcglauflin@maine.gov

Out of State Residential Specialist

Cassie Antonelli
Telephone: (207)557-1753 
e-mail: cassie.antonelli@maine.gov

CBHS Program Specialist



Residential Specialist

Lana Pelletier     
Telephone: (207)624-5391 Fax 287-6156
e-mail: lana.pelletier@maine.gov

Covering Becket, Good Will-Hinckley, Morrison Center, BFI Bridge Crossing, NFI Oliver Place, NFI Beacon House, Sweetser Saco and The Northern Lighthouse.

CBHS Program Specialist

Alice Preble
Telephone: (207)446-4690
e-mail: alice.preble@maine.gov

Residential Specialist

Amanda Hodgkins  
Telephone: (207) 664-1443
e-mail: amanda.hodgkins@maine.gov

Covering AMHC, Connections for Kids, KidsPeace, NFI Summit View, NFI Stetson Ranch, NFI Sidney Riverbend, Spurwink and Sweetser Winterport.

Clinical Resource Specialist

Al Haynes
Telephone: (207) 822-2789
e-mail: al.haynes@maine.gov

Youth Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Specialist

Gabby Tilton
e-mail: gabriel.tilton@maine.gov

Children’s Behavioral Health Manager

Kathryn Temple
Telephone (207) 592-3129 
e-mail: kathryn.temple@maine.gov

Clinical Specialist



Cross Systems Facilitator

Telephone:   Fax: 

Data Analyst

Alina Smith
Telephone: (207)557-1616  
e-mail: alina.smith@maine.gov

Lead Family Coordinator

Ronnie Lowell-Sirois
Telephone: (207)592-2919  
e-mail: Ronnie.lowell-sirois@maine.gov

Quality Assurance Specialists

Stacy Boss
Telephone: (207)557-0820  Fax: 596-4637
e-mail: stacy.m.boss@maine.gov

Rachel Murchison
Telephone: (207)446-0189  
e-mail: rachel.murchinson@maine.gov

Children’s Behavioral Health Manager

Jessica Wood
Telephone (207) 446-9225 
e-mail: jessica.wood@maine.gov

Family Information Specialist

Judy DeMerchant
Telephone: (207)493-4135  Fax: 493-4168 
e-mail: judy.demerchant@maine.gov

Resource Coordinators

District 1 & 2 (York & Cumberland counties) 
Melissa Maurais 
Telephone: (207)899-8451
e-mail: melissa.maurais@maine.gov

District 3, 4, and 5 (Androscoggin, Franklin, Lincoln, Kennebec, Knox, Oxford, Sagadahoc, Somerset, & Waldo counties)
Kellie Pelletier     
Phone:  (207)513-6821  
e-mail: kellie.pelletier@maine.gov

District 6, 7, and 8 (Aroostook, Hancock, Penobscot, Piscataquis, & Washington counties) 
Cheryl Hathaway     
Phone: (207)299-7063 Fax: 941-8871
e-mail: cheryl.hathaway@maine.gov

CCBHC Program Specialist

Jodi Charron
Telephone: (207)441-5286 Fax: 287-6156
e-mail: jodi.charron@maine.gov

Crisis Program Specialist

Ellie Larrabee
Telephone: (207)532-5117 Fax: 532-5072
e-mail: ellie.larrabee@maine.gov