How to Become a Warden

The title of Maine Game Warden is one of honor and prestige. It is critically important that we take great care in selecting new Game Wardens. The application process typically begins each spring.

To prepare for the hiring process, you should:

  • Be active in outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing and trapping
  • Become familiar with Maine's hunting and fishing laws and rules
  • Learn more about Maine's fish and wildlife resources
  • Pass the entrance exams to the Maine Criminal Justice Academy: the Physical Fitness Test and the ALERT exam (required in order to apply). You can register for the ALERT exam by calling the Academy at 1-207-877-8000. To schedule a Physical Fitness Test, please call Maine Warden Service at 207-287-5305. You must pass the physical test within one year of your Warden Service application date. Click here to learn about the physical fitness test (PDF).

The Maine Game Warden Hiring Process:

  1. Submit a Game Warden applicationYou must include your ALERT and Physical Fitness exam results.
  2. Complete a written examination and submit an essay.
  3. Complete a comprehensive oral board exam. This exam tests a candidate’s practical knowledge of outdoor related items and includes a traditional style interview and scenario-based questions. 
  4. Pass a comprehensive background investigation as well as polygraph, psychological, physical exams, and additional interviews. Click here to view automatic disqualifiers (PDF).
  5. Receive and accept an offer of employment.
  6. Complete both the 18-week Basic Law Enforcement Training Program (BLETP)* and the Advanced Warden Academy (12-weeks) in Vassalboro.
  7. Upon completion of the Advanced Warden Academy, individuals are officially Maine Game
    Wardens and begin working alongside an experienced district Game Warden.

If a candidate does not meet minimum requirements at any step of the hiring process, they will not move on to the next step.

*Full-time officers from both Maine and nonresidents will have their academy records reviewed. It is possible that a portion of or the entire BLETP might be waived. However, those candidates must attend the Maine Warden Service Academy.

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