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Every day, MDIFW’s biologists, educators, game wardens, and other staff members report to widespread posts spanning Maine’s fields, forests, lakes, labs, legislative halls and more. Our podcasts take you to all these places to meet our team and learn the many ways they work to achieve a common outcome: a better Maine outdoors. If you live in Maine, these are your stories too. So pop in your earbuds, step outside, and learn what happens behind the scenes to keep our environment clean, our wildlife healthy, and our outdoor experiences unmatched.

Fish + Game Changers

In the field

Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is about so much more than fish + game, with leaders on every level changing the face of conservation and blazing new trails for a better Maine outdoors. This podcast takes you behind the scenes, exploring the unique and diverse work done by Department staff across the state. Listen in to learn why these game changers love what they do, and what drives them to apply their time and talent to the Maine outdoors.

Meet the host: Emily MacCabe

Emily is the Director of Information and Education at Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and has dedicated her career to connecting others to the Maine outdoors. Growing up in Maine, she has spent many years enjoying outdoor recreational activities in the woods and on the water across the state. Her passion for storytelling and curious nature bring to light the ways in which we can all play a role in ensuring that our natural resources are here for many generations to come.

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Private for Public

Open land is a gift, not a given

Unlike most states, Maine has a long tradition of public access to private land; but what that really means – and what private landowners expect – isn’t widely understood. Host Kris MacCabe will take listeners inside the long-standing yet delicate relationship between Maine’s owners and users – hearing from landowners about what motivates them to keep their property open for recreation and conservation, and in other cases getting the stories behind freshly-posted No Trespassing signs.

Meet the host: Kris MacCabe

Growing up in Maine, Kris always had a love for the outdoors whether he was hunting, fishing, or out on recreational vehicles. His enthusiasm for the outdoors inspired him to want to help protect Maine’s resources for future generations. In his current role as a Game Warden Corporal at Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, Kris focuses on landowner relations and helps manage a program that provides support to Maine’s private landowners and offers resources for outdoor enthusiasts to be responsible when recreating on private land.

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