How to Live Responsibly with Wildlife

Maine is a beautiful state with an abundance of wildlife, and observing wild animals from your home or backyard is a thrilling experience. But the privilege of sharing your outdoor space with wildlife comes with certain responsibilities, all to keep you and the wildlife safe.

These pages will provide guidance on how to live responsibly with wildlife: how to avoid wildlife conflicts, respond to sick or injured animals, and protect yourself from common wildlife diseases.  

Rest assured, wildlife is almost always more scared of you than you may be of them.

If you want to prevent wildlife from coming to your backyard or resolve a current conflict, learn how to eliminate common attractants. For additional assistance, contact an Animal Damage Control Cooperator (ADC Agent) or USDA.

In the very rare instance that an animal is acting aggressive or not showing fear of people, call the closest dispatch center:

Augusta 1-800-452-4664
Bangor 1-800-432-7381
Houlton 1-800-924-2261