Licensed Dog Trackers

The following is a list of leashed dog tracking license holders. Be aware there may be a fee determined by the tracker for their service, please inquire before employing someone to conduct a track.

Town First Name Last Name Phone
Ellsworth Lindsay Ware 207-812-1366
Washington & Jackman Tyler Turffs 207-214-3867
Greenville Joshua Polland 207-214-4773
Columbia Falls Vance Pineo 207-271-7707
Vassalboro Saveris Natole 207-692-7098
Kenduskeg Jeanette McGraw 207-460-5512
Statewide (Searsport) Chris Koch 207-505-1630
Lee Paul House 207-570-4806
Penobscot County Brian Hatch 207-745-3543
Dover-Foxcroft (willing to travel a short distance) Dan Hartford 207-717-7737
Lyman Brady Harrison 207-608-7046
Gorham Matthew Hannum 214-505-1860
Montville, Waldo County, (will travel for expanded deer season, and statewide on bear and moose) Susanne Hamilton 207-249-8078
Bath Joanne Greer 603-479-7953
Pittsfield Tyler Dodge 207-416-8550
Fairfield Ryan Cote 207-313-0202
Sebec Peter Conner 207-564-0760
Bath Russell Coffin 207-837-8055
Mechanic Falls Scot Clontz 207-831-0872
Dexter Kenneth Chadwick 207-924-3441
Clinton Josh Carter 207-314-7631
Springvale Daniel Boucher 207-651-0755
Southern Maine Andrea Parish 214-517-9095
Allagash Area - Zones 1&2 Lisa Feener 207-398-9111
Northern Maine - (WMD 1&2) Jacob Feener 207-316-3483
Charleston Tyler Bourgoin 207-944-2077
Lewiston (Willing to travel) Nevin Rand 207-213-8846
Jackman during bear season, Washington County during deer & moose season John LeClair 207-214-3011
Clinton Josh Carter 207-314-7631
Somerset County (willing to travel) Jessica Fagnant (207) 343-3366
Midcoast Area (Knox and Lincoln County) Noah Rosen 207-631-7208
Lebanon Joseph Badger 207-608-0870
Waldo County (willing to travel) Chris West 207-616-8752
Northern Maine - (WMDs 2,3,5 and 6) Terri Williams (207) 930-5935
Northern Maine - (WMDs 2,3,5 and 6) Jason Williams (207) 314-1513