Contract Management

As outlined in “5 MRSA §1825-B. Bids, awards, contracts and grants”, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is required to award contracts through a competitive bidding process. These competitive bids are posted with Maine Department of Administrative and Financial Services Division of Procurement Services (DAFS).

Vendor and Bid Opportunities

Prospective vendors should visit the Division of Procurement Services’ RFP website for up-to-date documents and information relating to DHHS Requests for Proposal (RFP), Requests for Information (RFI), and other bidding documents.

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Questions about the DHHS contract process?

If you are a new vendor and have questions on the Maine DHHS competitive bidding and contracting process, you may reach out to these resources:

Division of Contract Management Responsibilities

The Division of Contract Management exists to ensure DHHS effectively procures and manages its contracts for services. As a Division of 25 plus staff, approximately 2000 procurement documents are reviewed, approved, and processed per year. The Division also oversees competitive bidding of services for DHHS and provides management tools for recording contract and performance information while providing technical assistance regarding contract development and management.

Division staff endeavor to coordinate RFPs and manage contracts with the greatest degree of consistency, accountability and cost effectiveness. The goal is to ensure that the delivery of services meets the needs of the consumers and the Department. The Division is committed to a procurement management system which ensures the best value, utilizing best business practices, which supports the DHHS public mission, and is in compliance with State and Federal statutes, rules, and regulations.