Friends of the Maine Wildlife Park

Who We Are

Friends of Maine Wildlife Park is a volunteer based non-profit organization that works to support the wildlife care and education programs at Maine Wildlife Park.

The organization was formed in 1991when the State of Maine was considering closing what was then known as the Gray Animal Farm. The community rallied together and generated a petition and a plan that ultimately helped keep the park open. Support from Friends of Maine Wildlife Park over the years has helped to make the facility the wonderful place that it is today!

What We Do

Volunteers within Friends of Maine Wildlife Park work to raise funds that help support the design and construction of spacious and attractive exhibits for wildlife at the park. Dedicated volunteers also plant and maintain the beautiful gardens and help to welcome visitors during the open season.

Friends of Maine Wildlife Park volunteers operate the Snack Shack which is an important fund-raising effort that supports the care of wildlife at the park.

Why We Do it

We are passionate volunteers who believe in the mission of Maine Wildlife Park. We are dedicated to helping the non-releasable wild animals that call the park home by donating our time and effort to help make the park a beautiful place for people to visit and learn.

How You Can Help

Interested in becoming a Friend of Maine Wildlife Park?

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Donations can be mailed to the Friends of the Maine Wildlife Park at: PO BOX 1231, Gray, ME 04039