Monday, June 10, 2024

Information about candidate withdrawal in House District 118

AUGUSTA — Secretary of State Shenna Bellows received a candidate withdrawal notice today from State Sen. Ben Chipman, a candidate for the Democratic nomination for House District 118 (part of Portland) on the June 11 State Primary ballot.

Upon receipt of Chipman’s withdrawal, the state’s Division of Elections provided notice to the Portland City Clerk and posted notice of the late withdrawal on the Secretary of State’s website. Following Maine election law, a candidate’s name may not be removed when they withdraw from a primary election race less than 70 days before the election.

For Election Day voters, a notice of late withdrawal must be posted outside the guardrail and in each voting booth at the appropriate polling locations. The notice informs voters that the candidate has withdrawn and that a vote for that candidate will not be counted. Any voters who request a special circumstance absentee ballot will also receive notice with the ballot that is issued.  

The Democratic primary race for House District 118 had three candidates, initially, making it a ranked-choice race. The ballot design will not change with Chipman’s withdrawal, nor will the printout of the tabulator tape. On the return of votes cast and the official tabulation, however, only the other candidates’ names will be listed. All other votes will be treated and reported as blanks. As this is no longer a three candidate race, only the first rankings will be tabulated.