Address Confidentiality Program


Welcome to the Address Confidentiality Program (ACP). The ACP is administered by the Secretary of State and provides an important service to residents of the State of Maine who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking.

The program has two basic parts. First, the ACP provides a designated address to victims who have moved to a new location unknown to their abuser. The second part of the program provides participants with a free first-class confidential mail forwarding service.

ACP allows both state and local agencies to contribute to the safety of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking victims by denying abusers the opportunity to use public records as a means to violate the rights of others.

The ACP is not for everyone. Recommendation for participation in the program is deferred to experts who provide counseling, referral, shelter or other specialized service to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking.

Questions regarding this program should be addressed to:

ACP Manager
Phone: (207) 626-8400