Thursday, June 16, 2022


Secretary Bellows announces ranked-choice tabulation results for Senate District 16

AUGUSTA — Following the completion of ranked-choice voting tabulations, Secretary of State Shenna Bellows announced that the Hon. Michael D. Perkins of Oakland won the Republican Primary for State Senate District 16.

In the final round of counting, Michael D. Perkins finished with 922 votes (52.18%) and Kevin D. Kitchin  had 845 (47.82%) votes. Mark R. Andre was eliminated after the first round.   (First round votes were verified to be identical to the totals tabulated on Election Night: 846 (44.20%) for Michael D. Perkins, 733 (38.30%) for Kevin D. Kitchin , and 335 (17.50%) for Mark R. Andre.)

Senate District 16 is comprised of the city of Waterville and the towns of Albion, Fairfield, Oakland and Winslow. Ballot materials were collected by state law enforcement officers. The ranked choice voting tabulation was held in public view of candidates, representatives of the Maine Senate Republicans, members of the media, Department of Secretary of State staff and members of the public. The ranked choice tabulation was streamed online via Facebook and is available for public viewing.

A full explanation of the process is available in the published rules for ranked choice voting here: 250c535-2018-230-complete.pdf (