Tuesday, December 14, 2021
Contact: Emily Cook

Secretary of State Warns of Scam Text

image of scam alert

AUGUSTA — Secretary of State Shenna Bellows is warning Mainers to be suspicious of text messages they may have received from an entity claiming to be the “Maine DMV” which asks the recipient to click a link to get a refund check.

“If you receive one of these texts, don’t click the link! These scammers are up to no good,” said Secretary Bellows. “They could be phishing for your financial data, trying to install malware on your phone, or something else nefarious. Protect yourself and help warn others.”

Mainers with questions about suspicious texts or calls can reach the Secretary of State’s main office at 207-626-8400 and the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles at 207-624-9000.

Phishing campaigns via text, known as SMS phishing or “smishing,” are becoming increasingly common. Mainers should be wary of unexpected emails or texts asking for personal information, or instructions to click on links. The Maine Attorney General’s office has a helpful list of red flags to watch for in order to identify potential scams:

A graphic to help spread the word about this scam is attached and available to share from the Department’s Facebook page.