Tuesday, June 20, 2017
Contact: Kristen Schulze Muszynski
(207) 626-8404/ 441-7638

Maine BMV unveils new video to help prepare road test applicants

AUGUSTA — Road test applicants now have a chance to view the entire process before their test date, in a new video offered on the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles website. Image of driver & examiner during road test

“What to Expect During the State of Maine Class C License Road Test” features driver license examiners from throughout the state, guiding an applicant through the process. Viewers will get a first-hand look at all aspects of the road test process, from the vision screening to the parallel parking maneuver, and have a better sense of what to expect during their own test.
“Our goal in providing this video is to take away some of the anxiety that many people experience before taking their road test,” said Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap. “We’re hopeful that once people watch it, they’ll see that our examiners are friendly and approachable people, and gain a sense of comfort from knowing how the process will proceed.”

The live-action video is available to view on the BMV website Exams Page and on the Maine Department of the Secretary of State YouTube page.

The video was created in-house, filmed at the Augusta Bureau of Motor Vehicles branch during the spring of 2017. It is one of several resources for aspiring drivers in Maine, along with the road test study guide and the guides for both parents and teens on our Teen Driver Resource page.