Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015
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Image of Vanessa Mehuren and Secretary of State Dunlap

Attached photo: Vanessa Mehuren, left, receives the 2015 Lorraine M. Fleury Award from Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap in a ceremony at her home in Vassalboro, Thursday, July 30. Mehuren, who died Aug. 18 from lung cancer, worked in the Elections division of the Bureau of Corporations, Elections and Commissions for 15 years. She was formally recognized as the Fleury award recipient at the Elections Conference in Bangor Thursday, Sept. 24.

Mehuren honored with Fleury award for ?excellence? in elections process

AUGUSTA ? The late Vanessa Mehuren is the recipient of the 2015 Lorraine M. Fleury award, which was formally presented by Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap at the department?s 2015 Elections Conference in Bangor today.

Mehuren had worked as a customer representative specialist with the department?s Bureau of Corporations, Elections and Commissions for the past 15 years. She died Aug. 18 after a battle with lung cancer.

Mehuren is the 22nd recipient of the award, which was established in 1994. Named for long-time state Director of Elections Lorraine M. Fleury, the award recognizes and honors an individual who has made a significant contribution to the election process and who exemplifies the qualities of fairness, experience, knowledge and service.  

?The Lorraine Fleury Award recognizes excellence in the conduct of elections,? said Dunlap. ?This year?s recipient, Vanessa Mehuren, represents excellence and so much more ? her humor, empathy, deep devotion to her community and to everyone who walks the path of public service through the conduct of elections truly elevates this year?s award.?

The award is presented annually at the Elections Conference, which is hosted by the Elections division of the bureau and attended by municipal clerks and registrars from throughout the state. Due to Mehuren?s terminal illness, however, an informal award ceremony with family and co-workers took place at her Vassalboro home on Thursday, July 30.

?When we presented the award to Vanessa, she vowed to be at the conference to show her love and commitment to the clerks and registrars she truly cared about. Her illness may have claimed her too early, but it never got the best of her, and in many ways, she is here with us, because she has made us all better people,? said Dunlap.