June 17, 2010
Contact: Barbara Redmond

Recount in State Senate District 1 Republican Primary Completed

Augusta - A recount of ballots cast in the State Senate District 1 republican primary on June 8, 2010 has been completed. Candidate Sarah O. Lewin of Eliot requested a recount in her race against Michael L. Estes of York. Unofficial preliminary results indicated that Estes had prevailed by 2 votes – 1,546 votes for Estes and 1,544 votes for Lewin.

Today’s recount confirmed the election night outcome – Estes did in fact win. The final result from the recount was 1,548 votes for Estes and 1,545 votes for Lewin.

Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap noted that recounts are important to clarify questions about elections procedures and the tabulating process. “Municipal clerks do a magnificent job in managing a complex process,” said Dunlap. "Recounts offer an important validation of that fact. Errors are rare, but possible, so the recount process is available to unsuccessful candidates who want to confirm the results of a close election."

The recount was held today at the Department of Public Safety Headquarters in Augusta. The proceedings were observed by both candidates and their legal counsel.