Upcoming Elections

Primary and Special Referendum Election - June 12, 2018

Primary Elections determine each party's nomination of candidates for certain federal, State and county offices. Party candidates who are elected at the Primary qualify to appear on the General Election ballot the following November.

Absentee ballot applications are now available at town offices and will be available through the online Absentee Ballot Request Service by mid-March.

Primary Election Candidate Listing

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List of Candidates - as of 5:00 PM - 3/16/2018

Ranked-choice Voting

The June 12, 2018 primary election will be conducted using a system of ranked-choice voting for the offices of U.S. Senate, Governor, U.S. Congress, State Senate and Representative to the Legislature, in those races that have three or more candidates. This means that voters will have an opportunity to vote for their first-choice candidate and to rank the remaining candidates in order of preference (i.e. second choice, third choice, etc.). The June primary will mark the first time that ranked-choice voting has been used in a statewide election in the United States. The Elections Division is currently working on finalizing the rules of implementation that will be formally adopted to govern the process. We will provide voters with an explanation of the voting process, tabulation and all other aspects of conducting an RCV election once the rules are adopted. We will be conducting public outreach to insure that voters are well-informed throughout the implementation process leading up to the election. Please continue to check this page for more information as the election nears, and follow our social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter for notices of updated information.

General and Potential Referendum Election - November 6, 2018

The General Election is held on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November. In 2018, Maine voters will elect one of Maine's two United States Senators, Maine's Governor, two Representatives to Congress, members of the Maine Legislature, and certain county officers.