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Rule Chapters for the Department of Public Safety

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16 163: Office of Emergency Medical Services
16 219: Office of the Commissioner
16 219: Bureau of Capitol Security
16 219: Office of State Fire Marshal
16 222: Bureau of State Police
16 226: Liquor Licensing Unit (rule chapters moved to 18-553, which see)
16 227: Maine Criminal Justice Academy Board of Trustees
16 230: Maine Drug Enforcement Agency
16 574: Emergency Services Communications Bureau (moved to 65-625, which see)
16 633: Gambling Control Board
16 642: Bureau of Building Codes and Standards - Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code

16  163   Office of Emergency Medical Services

Contents  Table of Contents
Ch. 1     Mission and Goals of the Maine EMS System
Ch. 2     Definitions
Ch. 3     Ground Ambulance Service and Non-Transporting Service Licenses
Ch. 3-A   Emergency Medical Dispatch Service Certification
Ch. 4     Air Ambulance Services Licenses
Ch. 5     Personnel Licenses
Ch. 5-A   Emergency Medical Dispatcher Licensure
Ch. 6     Advanced Life Support Drugs and Medications
Ch. 7     State Licensure Examinations
Ch. 8     Training Courses and Continuing Education Programs Used for Licensure
Ch. 8-A   Training Centers
Ch. 9     Instructor Coordinator Licenses
Ch. 9-A   Emergency Medical Dispatch Training, Instructors and Continuing Education Programs
Ch. 10    Reciprocity
Ch. 11    Standards and Procedures for Refusing to Issue or Renew a License,
          and for Modifying, Suspending, or Revoking a License
Ch. 12    Procedures for Licensing Actions and Board Actions
Ch. 13    Waiver of Rules
Ch. 14    Sexual Misconduct
Ch. 15    Maine EMS Regions and Regional Councils
Ch. 16    Death Benefits for Emergency Medical Services Persons
          Who Die in the Line of Duty
Ch. 17    Equipment Lists for Maine EMS Services and Regional EMS Radio Frequencies
Ch. 18	   Quality Assurance and Improvement     

16  219

          Office of the Commissioner
Ch. 39    Adjudicatory and Licensing Proceedings
Ch. 51    Polygraph Examiner License Regulation
Ch. 60    Transportation of Hazardous Materials in Maine (transferred from 16-222 c.6)
Ch. 70    Regulation Establishing Critical Incident Stress Management Team Training Standards
Ch. 71    Uniform Standardized Forensic Examination Kit for Gross Sexual Assault Evidence Collection
          (formerly 16-222 Ch. 20)

          Bureau of Capitol Security
Ch. 41    Capitol Area Security Rules
Ch. 42    Rules Relating to Parking on State Property

          Office of State Fire Marshal
Ch. 1     Fee Schedule for Plans Examination
Ch. 2     Rules Establishing Criteria for Approval of Smoke Detectors
Ch. 3     Fire Prevention Code
Ch. 4     Water-based Fire Protection Systems
Ch. 5     Portable Fire Extinguishers
Ch. 6     Fire Extinguishing Systems
Ch. 7     Dry Cleaning Plants
Ch. 8     Spray Applications
Ch. 9     Dip Tanks
Ch. 10    Stationary Combustion Engines and Gas Turbines
Ch. 11    Bulk Oxygen and Hydrogen Systems
Ch. 13    Welding, Cutting and Allied Processes and Acetylene Cylinder Charging Plants
Ch. 14    National Fuel Gas Code
Ch. 15    Fire Protection Rules for Medical Facilities and Equipment
Ch. 16    Storage and Handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gases
Ch. 17    National Fire Alarm Code
Ch. 18    Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Ch. 19    Vapor Removal from Cooking Equipment
Ch. 20    Fire Safety in Buildings and Structures
Ch. 21    Tents Grandstands, Air Supported Structures for Places of Assembly
Ch. 22    Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents and Solid Fuel Burning Appliances
Ch. 23    Purged and Pressurized Enclosures for Electrical Equipment
Ch. 24    Fire Safety Technician Training and Certification Program
Ch. 25    Rules for the Display of Fireworks
Ch. 26    Standard for the Use of Pyrotechnics before a Proximate Audience
Ch. 27    Rules and Regulations Governing the Tents and Equipment
          of Circuses and Traveling Amusement Shows
Ch. 28    Rules Governing Operations of Amusement Devices and Midways
Ch. 29    Rules and Regulations Relating to Structures Used by the Public
          as Spectators During Motor Vehicle Racing
Ch. 31    Rules for the Manufacture, Transportation, Storage and Use of Explosive Materials
Ch. 34    Rules and Regulations for Flammable and Combustible Liquids
Ch. 36    Consumer Fireworks Sales License
Ch. 50    Death Benefits for Firefighters Who Die in the Line of Duty

16  222   Bureau of State Police
Ch. 1     Motor Vehicle Inspection Rules
Ch. 2     Rules and Regulations Relating to Games of Chance
Ch. 3     Rules and Regulations Relating to Beano
Ch. 4     Maine Motor Carrier Safety Regulation
Ch. 6     Transportation of Hazardous Materials in Maine (transferred to 16-219 c.60)
Ch. 7     Rules Relating to Beano and Bingo by Federally Recognized Indian Tribes
Ch. 8     Rules and Regulations Relating to "Crane" or "Claw" Machine
Ch. 9     Rules and Regulations Relating to Private Investigators
Ch. 10    Transportation / Storage / Release of Vehicles Impounded pursuant to OUI forfeiture
Ch. 12    Rules for After-Market Window Tinting
Ch. 14    Rules Relating to the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act of 1999
Ch. 15    Rules Relating to the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act of 2013
Ch. 19    Died While in the Line of Duty Death Benefits for Law Enforcement Officers
Ch. 20    Uniform Standardized Forensic Examination Kit for Gross Sexual Assault Evidence Collection 
          (moved to 16-219 Ch. 71)

16  226   Liquor Licensing Unit
          (Note: rule chapters have been moved to 18-553, which see.)

16  227   Criminal Justice Academy, Board of Trustees
Ch. 1     General Provisions
Ch. 3     Entrance Standards
Ch. 5     Training Standards
Ch. 7     Certificates and Awards
Ch. 9     Extensions and Waivers
Ch. 11    Costs

16 230    Maine Drug Enforcement Agency
Ch. 1     Requirements for Written Prescriptions of Schedule II Drugs

16 574    Emergency Services Communications Bureau
          (Moved to 65-407, Public Utilities Commission, September 13, 2003)

16 633    Gambling Control Board
Ch. 1     Introduction
Ch. 2     Licenses and Applications
Ch. 3     Control of Licensees
Ch. 4     Licensee Records
Ch. 5     Internal Controls
          Appendix A, Minimum Internal Control Standards (MICS) for Slot Machine Operations
Ch. 6     Ticket Redemption
Ch. 7     Collection of Payments
Ch. 8     Slot Machine Location and Hours of Operation
Ch. 9     Uniform Location Agreement: Contract Disclosures
Ch. 10    Slot Machine Maintenance
Ch. 11    Transportation of Slot Machines
Ch. 12    Fingerprinting Procedure
Ch. 13    Exclusion
Ch. 14    Advertising
Ch. 15    Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Products
Ch. 16    Weapons
Ch. 17    On Premise Office Space
Ch. 18    Responsible Gaming Programs
Ch. 19    Slot Machine Testing and Certification
Ch. 20    Slot Machine Standards
Ch. 21    Prohibition of Credit
Ch. 22    Patron Disputes
Ch. 24    The Use of Front Money Deposits
Ch. 25    Approval of Table Games Rules of Play
Ch. 26    Posting of Rules
Ch. 27    Rules of Practice and Procedure of Gaming Conduct

16 642    Bureau of Building Codes and Standards
          Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code:
Ch. 1     Administrative Procedures
Ch. 2     Third Party Inspectors (TPI)
Ch. 3     Commercial Building Code of Maine
Ch. 4     Existing Building Code of the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code
Ch. 5     Residential Building Code for One and Two-Family Dwellings in Maine
Ch. 6     Emergy Conservation Code of Maine