Important Information

The Maine State Archives will be undergoing renovations beginning February 19th and continuing through the month of March.  During this time some records may be unavailable or take extra time to retrieve.  These are for records housed at the ARCHIVES building only, not those at the Records Center in Hallowell. Please plan accordingly and contact us in advance to make certain records are available.

We appreciate your consideration and cooperation at this time.

Policies & Guidance for State Government

Training and Education - suggested minimum standard training materials for 1) all State employees 2) Records Officers 3) Directors/Agency Heads 4) Legislators/Public Officials

Resources - additional Records Management resources and information

Schedules - The retention guides that tell you how long to keep records

Forms - all Records Management forms

Policy on Preservation of State Government Records - every State employees annual acknowledgement

Agency Records Officers - look here to see if there is an Records Officer in your office who can assist with records questions

Advice Bulletins - monthly informational bulletins for all state employees