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Welcome from the TAC Chair

Welcome from the TAC Chair

Greetings, and welcome to the State of Maine’s Trauma System web page. I would also encourage you to visit the many websites that would help familiarize yourself with all of Maine’s Healthcare resources.

This website focuses on trauma and injury and has been created by the Maine Emergency Medical Services Trauma Advisory Committee (TAC). As a Hospital President/CEO and practicing paramedic, I am very proud to Chair and honored to be working with the great professionals that make up Maine’s very skilled Trauma Care Team. Whether you are a resident or a guest visiting our great state, if there is a need, we want you to know that we are trained, prepared and continue to update our skill levels around new education standards and technology as they become available.

Maine is an extremely rural state with a diverse geography and climate. In the event we see injury (trauma), we have to be ready to respond , access and treat our patients in the pre-hospital setting; align our treatment course(s) and standards through our local trauma system hospital (TSH); and, when necessary, provide the highest levels of care at our Trauma Centers (TC) .

Our focus needs to be on trauma (injury) prevention, but in the event we have an incident, our 24 hour/365 day per year response teams are ready no matter where our patients are located. We have learned to develop specialized response teams for both rural and urban access. We have award winning Critical Care Transport Systems and State of the Art Hospitals in which that we take great pride in. We have developed standardized protocols and guidelines that are best practice and are integrated within our trauma system teams for best patient care and practice. With these materials and practices, our Trauma Technical Assistance Program is available at no charge to our Trauma System Hospitals. This is how we maintain our updated standards of care.

Trauma can be a very difficult to manage and many times signs and symptoms can be masked or vague. We have to be proactive and responsive when we face care for this condition which is moderate in Maine. Trauma is not only a condition of the young, but also of the aging and can be extremely difficult to manage with co-morbidities and chronic medication therapy.

We hope you find this site informational and helpful. Please know that the TAC would appreciate any constructive advice or suggestions that would help us get our message out in a meaningful way. From rescue through resuscitation, recovery and rehabilitation, our trauma professionals are pleased to care for you. Kudos to these wonderful individuals who provide this care!

Geno Murray, EMT-P
President & CEO
Charles A. Dean Memorial Hospital